Buffalo Trident Heat Exchangers



BUFFALO TRIDENT heat exchange equipment consists of high quality material matched with precise engineering and reliable manufacturing. We can offer a wide range of both Condensers and evaporators to suit most applications.


A wide range of condensers or dry-coolers are available with options of either horizontal or vertical air-flow, optional anti-corrosion coil treatment and various types of fan motor options including EC motors with GMM motor management.


The constant push for smaller, cheaper, quitter and better performing equipment is at the forefront of design. To achieve these goals, BUFFALO TRIDENT employs a host of strategies to achieve this delicate balance between performance, size and noise levels. Innovative technologies and modern design means our evaporators set the standard in engineering excellence, flexibility and reliability. Gains come from using smaller tube designs in combination with optional high efficiency EC fan motors and superheat control solutions. Beijer Ref offer a multitude of options and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications and customer specific specifications.

For more info contact your local Beijer Ref Australia Branch.

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