PHAS Scroll Condensing Unit


PHAS Series Condensing Units

Open base units with Copeland ZB & ZF scroll compressors from 7.5 to 15.0hp. Ideal for medium to large coolrooms and freezer rooms utilising common refrigerants R134a, R404A plus new generation lower GWP refrigerants R448A & R449A.

PHAS series units come pre-fitted with all necessary accessory including; Liquid Line Assy, Oil Separator and Suction Accumulator on LT models plus come fully wired with all electrics ready for connection and start up. All models are fitted with generously sized condensers which have been treated with "Patton Coat" condenser coil and fin protection and include fan speed controller to provide balanced operation across varying ambient temperatures and operating conditions.

PHAS Series Condensing Units

ZF Series compressors fitted to Low Temperature models have been specifically designed and optimised for frozen food cooling. Pre-fitted liquid injection allows a wide operating envelope “while insuring compressor is kept cool” Combined with its compliance scroll mechanism “providing a high tolerance to liquid slugging” make them an extremely reliable and high performing solution for demanding applications. 

  • Robust high efficiency Copeland Scroll compressors.
  • Generously sized high ambient condensers with.
  • “PattonCoat” coil and fin protection.
  • High efficiency external rotor fan motor assemblies.
  • Fan speed control fitted for balanced operation.
  • Dual pressure control with “Convertible Reset”.
  • Liquid line drier & sight glass fitted on all models.
  • Oil separator fitted and charged on all models.
  • Suction Accumulator fitted on Low Temp models.
  • Liquid Injection valve fitted on Low Temp models.
  • Fully wired complete with isolator switch, contactor and overload in IP67 enclosure.

Design Features


PHAS Scroll condensing units are capable of addressing your refrigeration needs, starting from 2.0 hp. The units are based on dependable Copeland ZB & ZF scroll compressors and are built to provide durability, high performance and low sound level. Suited to a variety of cooling applications Patton Scroll condensing units are predominantly used on commercial cool rooms and freezers, water chillers, ice makers, display cases etc.

PHAS Scroll Condensing Unit Brochure 2021

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