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Farming and agriculture are one of the most important industries of Australia, in which they contribute over 12% share of GDP. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Beijer Ref Australia is the industry leader in providing cost effective, low maintenance and efficient refrigeration for dairy farms. This includes supply of units for pre-chilling, vat chilling, bulk milk coolers and heat exchangers to capture waste heat.

At Beijer Ref Australia, providing the ultimate refrigeration solution doesn’t mean simply supplying refrigeration equipment. It means working closely with clients to understand exactly what is required, what are the ultimate goals and what elements of a situation need to be considered before work commences on design and manufacture or supply. This approach sets Beijer Ref Australia apart and has achieved outstanding results in major industries.

Beijer Ref Australia is well qualified to provide design assistance and custom manufacture for anything from a small cool room to a large store complex including Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores. We can also supply system controls and monitoring equipment to ensure fresh products reach the market in optimum condition.

Sometimes standard doesn’t fit all applications. When that’s the case Beijer Ref Australia design and make refrigeration equipment to suit individual requirements and situations. This includes water chillers, racks,compressor/receiver sets and milk vat units.

Beijer Ref Australia’s supply rack systems, air-cooled condensers, unit coolers and components for supermarket refrigeration cabinets, cases, cool rooms and freezers. They also manufacture refrigeration condensing units and evaporators for retail liquor store cool rooms.

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